Welcome to Perfectly Scented!
Welcome to Perfectly Scented!
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About Us

Brought to you by our Co-Owner - Jennifer Azzam

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jennifer, my husband Victor and I have embarked on a new adventure, the business of making homemade artisan Soy Candles, Wax Melts, Bath and Body products and more. This business venture was not decided on the soul basis of making money but for a more personal reasons.

On August 2, 2016 I received a phone call that would change my life forever, my family and I tragically lost a family memeber to suicide on this day. My mother battled with mental illness for most of her life, she suffered from severe depression, panic and anxiety attacks along with other issues which ultimately lead to her decision. A short time later a friend contacted me about the local community walk that was to take place in our area on October 1, 2016 organized by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. My friend was concerned the timing of the event may be too soon for me to handle however, I explained to her that I felt it was something I needed to do. While in attendance at the walk I got the opportunity to see how many people who were either, survivors left behind or who may have fought battles with contemplation of suicide. I have since learned, many people who contemplate suicide or commit suicide suffer from mental illness and are often afraid or too embarrassed to discuss or admit they may be suffering from a mental illness. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention funds research to improve interventions, train clinicians in suicide prevention, and advocate for policy that will save lives. Participating in the walk helped me realize I was not alone and I needed to find a way to help. Needing a creative outlet to cope with the pain of losing my mother, I decided to start making bath and body products. With my husbands’ support we started to brain storm on ways we could help others thus, Perfectly Scented was born! We have come up with a way to help cope and enjoy what I do while helping others through charity and community involvement. We are passionate about helping others and will not only be working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention but many other charities and organizations as well, such as; local Animal Rescue Shelters, Breast Cancer Awareness, Veterans Organizations and many more. We offer a Charity line in which you will be able to purchase a product that will coordinate with the charity you would like us to donate to. We will also have links to those Charities should you choose to donate an additional amount on your own behalf.

Our company, Perfectly Scented, currently produces homemade artisan 100% Soy Candles using both natural wood wicks and lead free wicks, Wax Melts and Bath Bombs. Our products are made with high quality and mostly natural ingredients as the fragrance oils and colorants are not considered natural but are FD&C and FDA approved. Most are vegan friendly however; we do have some products produced using cruelty free milk powders and bees wax. We strongly encourage our customers, especially ones who have known allergies, to read all listed ingredients as we also use natural nut oils and butters in some of our products. We will NEVER use anything that has been tested on animals! We will slowly introduce new products such as body butters, body scrubs, solid bubbly bars and more! Be sure to follow us for product launch dates and updates!

We hope you will join us in our venture and help us make a difference, and of course enjoy our products! 

P.S “We are committed to making a charitable difference!”