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Welcome to Perfectly Scented!
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Africa Black Soap - Perfectly Scented Bath and Body
Africa Black Soap - Perfectly Scented Bath and Body
Perfectly Scented Bath and Body

Africa Black Soap

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If you are into skin care, then you will love this one!

Our 100% Natural, authentic, raw, organic, fair trade African Black Soap (ABS) comes all the way from Ghana and is pure goodness! This soap is made using raw, unrefined Shea Butter produced by the Shea Queens at the Ajike Shea Centre. Excellent as bar soap, body wash, shampoo and more!

Wash away dirt and grime with this luxurious, earthy, all natural, handmade soap!

Instructions for use: When using raw African Black Soap (ABS) bar soap, break or cut a piece off the bar and roll into a ball to ensure a smooth surface, rub between your hands to make sure there are no whole particles of cocoa pods in the bar that can scratch or tear skin. Using tepid water, rub between hands until the soap creates its luxurious lather, then, apply the lather to your face or body and gently rub it in.

Remember, when you purchase African Black Soap from us, you are not just supporting our small family owned business, you are supporting the women and children in the villages of Ghana. You are empowering the women to be self-sufficient and successful entrepreneurs which will enable them to provide financially towards their children’s future and education. We thank you for your support!

  • Fair Trade Organic African Black Soap (ABS)
  • Warning: External use only, consult a doctor if you are concerned about any skin reactions
  • Suggested Storage: Keep soap in an air tight container or wrapped in plastic wrap. We do not recommend you leave soap exposed in the shower/tub near running water or humidity as it dissolves quicker than other soaps.
  • Not recommended for children 0-6 years of age
  • Product manufactured in Ghana, distributed by Perfectly Scented

Ingredients: Raw Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Cocoa Pod Ash, Raw Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil